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Shut the WOOF up – S2 E6

HAVE YOU EVER LISTENED TO A PODCAST RECORDED IN THE WOODS?! Do you feel more “pup” and slip into the headspace easier when you’re surrounded by nature? Have you ever wanted to quiet being a pup? This episode was recorded in the woods. It was awesome. It’s only 40 minutes this time! Air date: 12th…

Shut the WOOF up – S2 E5

Goddamn these creaky chairs. Seriously. Should there be an HR style induction to the puppy community? Should pups be welcome at every event? Air date: 8th July 2018 Special Guests: Jrubbercub, Retro SPECIAL THANKS: Jrubbercub, Retro, The STWU team (Shaun and Jabbins) You lot. CONGRATS TO: Rukpup – for winning the STWU caption contest! HandlerMike…


Another episode, another competition! This time, thanks to our lovely friends at Clonezone, we’re giving away and amazing Nexus Revo Slim! Keep your pup occupied, or stick it in your soup and let it self-stir it while you’re busy doing other things to your pup – there’s many uses (okay, maybe not the second). But…

Shut the WOOF up – S2 E4

THE RETURN OF THE CREAKY CHAIRS! … and someone else! Is it still puppy play… or is it a f*cking zoo? What does Pride do to support the pup community? Air date: 10th June 2018 Special Guests: Trumpet, Dylann SPECIAL THANKS: Trumpet, Dylann, The STWU team (Shaun and Jabbins) You lot. Big, huuuuge thanks to…

Shut the WOOF up – S2 E3

1hr of MADNESS. What if all pups lived on their own island? Has pupplay become too… MAINSTREAM? Air date: 13th May 2018 Special Guests: Sandy from Recon, Kodipup SPECIAL THANKS: Sandy and Recon, Kodi, The STWU team (Shaun, Spark and Jabbins) Everyone who has the patience to keep listening. Recon  – Gay Fetish profiles for men…

Shut the WOOF up – S2 E2

1hr 15. EXTRA CONTENT. Discussed: Girth or length – what makes the best bone? Female, straight – why aren’t there more of you pups? And we pit our guests against each other (again). Air date: 15th April 2018 Special Guests: Floss and Benji from Proud to be kinky (and Jabbins) SPECIAL THANKS: My guests The STWU…

This was a bad idea – Ep1

  Monthly absurdist-comedy pup-play podcast “Shut the WOOF up begins a spin-off video series called “This Was a Bad Idea” with this very first episode. Why is it a bad idea? Well, each month, Volka brings a guest or two along (who have been featured on the latest monthly podcast) and tasks all to create…

Shut the WOOF up – S2 E1

UNDER an hour (?!) Discussed: WHY SO SERIOUS? Also, how do we protect ourselves from and deal with bullying? We pit our guests against each other. WE NOW SELL T-SHIRTS! Plz get one and help us feed Smol Dog.  Air date: 11th March 2018 Special Guests: Drowzee, Hroar (and Jabbins, producer doggo!) SPECIAL THANKS: My guests The…

Shut The Woof Up – Season 2 Teaser

STWU – Season One Highlight Reel 1