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Shut the WOOF up – S2 E3

1hr of MADNESS. What if all pups lived on their own island? Has pupplay become too… MAINSTREAM? Air date: 13th May 2018 Special Guests: Sandy from Recon, Kodipup SPECIAL THANKS: Sandy and Recon, Kodi, The STWU team (Shaun, Spark and Jabbins) Everyone who has the patience to keep listening. Recon  – Gay Fetish profiles for men…

Shut the WOOF up – S2 E2

1hr 15. EXTRA CONTENT. Discussed: Girth or length – what makes the best bone? Female, straight – why aren’t there more of you pups? And we pit our guests against each other (again). Air date: 15th April 2018 Special Guests: Floss and Benji from Proud to be kinky (and Jabbins) SPECIAL THANKS: My guests The STWU…

This was a bad idea – Ep1

  Monthly absurdist-comedy pup-play podcast “Shut the WOOF up begins a spin-off video series called “This Was a Bad Idea” with this very first episode. Why is it a bad idea? Well, each month, Volka brings a guest or two along (who have been featured on the latest monthly podcast) and tasks all to create…

Shut the WOOF up – S2 E1

UNDER an hour (?!) Discussed: WHY SO SERIOUS? Also, how do we protect ourselves from and deal with bullying? We pit our guests against each other. WE NOW SELL T-SHIRTS! Plz get one and help us feed Smol Dog.  Air date: 11th March 2018 Special Guests: Drowzee, Hroar (and Jabbins, producer doggo!) SPECIAL THANKS: My guests The…

Shut The Woof Up – Season 2 Teaser

STWU – Season One Highlight Reel 1

“I’ll be bark”

…said Arnold Schwarzepupper. But enough about them. What about us? Well, come back on the 11th March 2018 at 2pm and maybe we’ll be back then too… … with extra spice. Volka x  

Join the pup side

  I mentioned in a recent post that I’m going to be looking for people to help me out. I’m not sure how yet, exactly…. as in, not sure it’s going to work. But, I think that in order to improve going forward, I should try embracing the help of those who want to give…

DATA. Glorious data.

Get ready for some stats all over yo’ face. So, we promised you some “illuminating” stats from the recent survey that we’d share with you. How illuminating they really are, you’ll have to decide. But no, on a serious point, I actually found this all really helpful so massive thanks again to everyone who took…

The END of STWU…

  … for now.   Don’t panic, we’re not going anywhere, we’re just going to have a little break. I started this off six months ago not really sure what to expect and since then it’s been a huge (but amazingly fun) learning curve full of technical panics, website confusion, iTunes annoyance but more importantly…