Well, we finally got there. After lots of you asked for a dedicated place with our content and an RSS feed that works (still no idea how, but whatevs) here it is.

This shiny new website wouldn’t have been possible without a lot of help from amazing pups. Just a few names to mention: Uru (for bringing us back from the edge of DESPAIR when it came to CSS and other WP nonsense), Noa (for the amazingly cute website art), Barker (for more CSS wizardry) and also some others such as Ghost, Bambi, Kaz (as always), Halvor etc etc etc for your advice, offer of help, guidance and patience.

We’re aware of some bugs and teething issues and some simplistic layout when it comes to our actual episode posts, but we’ll work out the kinks as we go along. Har har… kinks.

Remember, you can COMMENT on our posts and let us know your thoughts. You can also get in touch via the contact page if you spot other bugs or just want to say hello or share your thoughts.

In the meantime… enjoy episode 3 at 2pm UK time TODAY!





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