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  • Season 4 - Episode 7 October 11, 2020
    We have mentioned our ACTUAL family in previous episodes, so thought it was about time that they have the airtime to have their say on our pupsonas.  Our sisters are our guests as we talk about what their initial thoughts were of knowing we were into puppy play as well as what they think of it, plus – for both of […]
  • Season 4 - Episode 6 September 13, 2020
    You might have heard that there was some twitter drama recently (what, again? REALLY?). One of the pride groups shared some research they had conducted and some of the replies from people of the internet were... not very nice. So we have a special guest–Thumper, who commissioned the research and Kit, who’s back on after […]
  • Season 4 - Episode 5 July 19, 2020
    This was a really interesting one! Our guests on this episode (who have been on before) talk about the challenges they face with Covid-19 in mind. We also had some pups call in and we spoke to them about their experiences and concerns.   If you miss your events want to hear what it's like behind the […]
  • Season 4 - Episode 4 June 14, 2020
    S4 E4 ITS PRIDE MONTH!!! But wait, there’s no pride 🙁 So, Corona has taken away our pride events. Of course, it’s for a good reason, to keep us all safe, but will we miss pride? With what else that is happening around the world currently, can we manage without it? SPECIAL THANKS: My guests […]
  • Season 4 - Episode 3 May 10, 2020
    Are our kinky venues and online spaces being phased out slowly? Another really interesting chat with two illuminating experiences. Interested to hear our audiences’ thoughts and encounters with this. What do you think? Are our venues and safe kinky online spaces being taken away from us? Main discussion: 10 mins in   Air date: 10th […]