Shut the Woof up! was a pup play themed podcast (and then YouTube channel) than began in July 2017 and ran until 2024. It was created and hosted by Volka. 

Here’s some cool stats/info about the show:

  • The podcast amassed over 100,000 all-time listeners across the website and platforms such as Spotify and focused on featuring a wide, diverse spectrum of the pup play scene as guests on every single episode. 
  • The YouTube channel is still creeping close to 100,000 all-time views, with the most-watched video (at over 20,000) being this pup play music video
  • The show successfully kickstarted the first of its kind in the world pup play themed card game which is available for purchase here
  • Shut the Woof up! gave away more than £1,000 worth of prizes to many pups including pup hoods, thanks to wonderful partnerships such as the one with Clonezone
  • The show was the first to start a trend of donating old/unused pup hoods to events such as Pup Out London, so that new attendees who couldn’t afford a hood could try one on for free and not feel left out. Three hoods were initially donated back in 2019. 
  • The show was supported by truly talented hard working pups behind the scene who gave their time for free – pups such as Shaun, Skar and the late Jabbins. The show was also supported by it’s generous fans on Patreon (without you, the show would have stopped making content years ago – thank you!).