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Shut the WOOF up – Episode 5

Coming out as a kinkster A really interesting (and slightly long) discussion on what it’s like to come out as a kinky person – the good and the bad. Air date: 14th July 2019 Special Guests: Motto, Pup Fin SPECIAL THANKS: My guests, the STWU team, You lot.

Shut the WOOF up – Episode 4

What’s it like being a trans pup in the community? Time for another serious – but important talk. Don’t worry though, it’s peppered with lots of classic SWTU comedy moments! Air date: 9th June 2019Special Guests: Skuld, L SECIAL THANKS: My guests, The STWU team (Shaun and Jabbins)You lot.

Shut the WOOF up – Episode 3

Mr Puppy teaches us how to Mr Puppy. Also we talk puppy PR. This was a fun one. This is also a first for us (for eagle eared listeners). If you wanna hear us talk about pups in Media: 00:14:00 If you wanna hear us fight for the title of Mr Puppy: 00:46:00 Air date:…

Shut the WOOF up – Episode 2

Only we go from SUPER SERIOUS to SPANKING in one episode! Okay, so this episode we wanted to go serious again but you KNOW this podcast. We balance it out. On this episode we talk: 00:20:00 – #MeToo: We talk about the movement, the future and its effect in our communities. 1:00:30 – Guess the…

Shut the WOOF up – Episode 1

SEASON 3 STARTS NOW!!! OMG this is our third year. WOW. We talk about Brexit. Yes. Brexit. BREXIT. No we’re not joking. WE GO GLOBAL – guests from all over the place! Air date: 10th March 2018Special Guests: BethanyBlack, Chupup SPECIAL THANKS: My guests, The STWU team (Shaun and Jabbins)You lot. <3 – – –…


WE ARE BACK. …soon. In the meantime, enjoy our totally calming, chill-out, conservative theme for Season 3 of our Podcast. YAP. YAP. YAP. YAP.

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WIN A *VIBRATING* WIRELESS TAIL!     To celebrate the launch of our Telegram group (because you’re clearly not in enough groups already) courtesy of Clonezoneuk we are giving away this bad boy:   It’s as awesome as it looks and no doubt very fun… if you know anyone you can trust the remote to.…

Shut the WOOF up – Episode 8

OUR FINAL EPISODE… OF THE SEASON!   Dogs vs pups Mr Puppy & Ms Puppy UK … tremendous or toxic? Air date: 7th October 2018 Special Guests: Ponda, Karok   SPECIAL THANKS: My guests, The STWU team (Shaun and Jabbins) You lot. <3   – – –   A podcast for pups, by pups and…

Shut the WOOF up – Episode 7

    OMG OUR 7TH EPISODE. That’s more than we did last year. WHY.   Should you be “out” as a pup? What the hell is happening over in the US with pups?! OVER TO TABBI! If you want to get to the LAUGHS skip to the game segment innnit, 20 mins in or something.…

Shut the WOOF up – Episode 6

    HAVE YOU EVER LISTENED TO A PODCAST RECORDED IN THE WOODS?!   Do you feel more “pup” and slip into the headspace easier when you’re surrounded by nature? Have you ever wanted to quiet being a pup? This episode was recorded in the woods. It was awesome. It’s only 40 minutes this time!…

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