The END of STWU…


… for now.


Don’t panic, we’re not going anywhere, we’re just going to have a little break. I started this off six months ago not really sure what to expect and since then it’s been a huge (but amazingly fun) learning curve full of technical panics, website confusion, iTunes annoyance but more importantly hilarious guests and an amazing emerging fan base (you three know who you are).

The recent survey was a really eye-opening and positive experience – there’s some really good feedback there, most with which we agree and want to focus on for the future. But, cause we want to do things right, we want to take some time, call this “Season 1” and focus on making Season 2 even better. Aaaaaaaalso, I’ve always wanted to make a “season” of something in my life, so this is it. Pupchievement unlocked.

So. What’s next?

We’ll be back sometime next year hopefully, but in the meantime, you can expect this:

  1. A potential fun/one-off announcement very soon.
  2. A snippet of some of the survey results.
  3. An expansion. As in… staff/help. If you’re interested, watch this space… Maybe.

And of course, you can keep spreading the word by tweeting out our previous episodes or giving us a mention to your friends online or in chat groups and even leaving us a review on iTunes – even if it’s not 5 stars, that’s fine, honesty is the best policy.

Thanks again to everyone who’s supported us, you’re literally the best.

Have a lovely tail-wagging Christmas and see you in 2018,

Volka x


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December 28, 2017 at 6:56 pm

Hope you are back soon! As a newbie to the pup community it has been an interesting and eye opening listen, as well as riotous good fun. More than once I’ve had to make excuses at work for crying with laughter. Say hi to smol dog for me (Unless he is far away…)

Volka – adminreply
January 4, 2018 at 1:22 am
– In reply to: Skip

Woof! Thanks so much for the kind comments, glad we could make a new pup chuckle ^_^. We’ll be back soon, promise!

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