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  I mentioned in a recent post that I’m going to be looking for people to help me out. I’m not sure how yet, exactly…. as in, not sure it’s going to work. But, I think that in order to improve going forward, I should try embracing the help of those who want to give it. After all, you’re only as good as your team and, since it’s basically me on my own, we need all the fucking help we can get. Plus (yes, you know) I’m a doggo and I’m lazy sometimes. Saying that, I’m not planning on expanding like mad. It’s just small things I want help improving that will make making these episodes, posting them, and generally enjoying them – easier and simpler for everyone – including you! If you fancy helping out, read on below:  

Who we’re looking for

  • Nerdy website doggo
The website is okay, but it’s not great. We need someone who can help us spruce it up. We want to keep things simple and since it’s not broken, we don’t need to fix it – we just need to tweak it. If you’re nerdy about websites and know what you’re doing, get in touch. NOTE: Podcast experience is handy, since… that’s what we’re doing here.  
  • Social pupperfly
Currently I’m trying to be social on the social sites but a) I don’t even have any personal ones, so you can imagine how experienced I am b) I don’t always have time for it. If you like talking and think you can spread the gospel without being a preacher, get in touch. I’m not sure about this role to be honest, I think it might just be something all the team have access to.  
  • Content Pupducer (producer… if you didn’t get the pun).
I’m not very organised. I would like someone to help me organising guests, episodes and the content we talk about. It’s a mix of some admin and also some creativity. Also, someone who can tell me to stop rambling would be good.  

What you need to know

  1. You gotta be chill. This isn’t a job, so… you know. Egos at the door and all that.
  2. It’s just a laugh…
  3. … but you need to put some effort in.
  4. You can be based anywhere so long as you have internet.
  5. 18+ obvs.
  6. Let’s just have a laugh, innit.
  7.  Woof.

How to get in touch

Go to the contact page and fill in the form – make sure to select the drop down “help us”. Tell us what position (lolz) you’re applying for and a little about yourself (doesn’t have to be loads ,a paragraph will do). I’ll then get back to you with some more info. Thanks, Volka x

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