Shut the WOOF up – Episode 5

Shut the WOOF up – Episode 5
Series 2

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Goddamn these creaky chairs. Seriously.

Should there be an HR style induction to the puppy community? Should pups be welcome at every event? Air date: 8th July 2018 Special Guests: Jrubbercub, Retro


Jrubbercub, Retro, The STWU team (Shaun and Jabbins) You lot.


Rukpup – for winning the STWU caption contest! HandlerMike – for winning the Puppy Pride “What does Pride mean to you?” contest! Big, huuuuge thanks to Clonezone for sending us goodies to give out! – – – A podcast for pups, by pups and other animalia. Every 2nd Sunday of the month, 2pm UK time. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS FOR 18+ AUDIENCES!

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