Season 4 – Episode 8

We’re ending the season here with our final and eighth episode, featuring yet again, NON pups.

What’s going on you say? Well the world’s gone upside down this year with podcasts being recorded over the internet instead of face to face, presidential elections that take a week to find out the winner, diseases locking down countries – so why not go mad and even let Jabbins do the intro to the podcast for once as well?!

In this podcast we have two guests who ask us all sorts of pup questions (clearly we weren’t embarrassed enough when our sisters were on in the last episode) and we even have a pup calling in.

We tried to get more but we ran out of time, this one is quite long… sorry!

But you know… with another UK lockdown we thought we’d try and entertain you a little longer.


Lindsay and Sachin from ‘Is This Thing On?’

The STWU peeps that keep all this going

My Patreon supporters – so much love for you!

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