Shut the WOOF up is a comedy podcast and YouTube channel by pups, for pups and the kinky community.

Featuring new guests every week and barking about a whole range of pup and kink related topics (sometimes silly, sometimes serious) Shut the WOOF up is the definitive podcast for anyone into puppy play. (Unless you find a better one, then that’s probably the definitive one).

Shut the WOOF up’s ethos is to celebrate our community proudly and everyone in it no matter shape, colour, gender, sexual orientation or beliefs. We want to welcome new people into the pup and kink world and give them a safe space to learn about the wonderful aspects of being a pup or kinky person while also embracing our unique quirks and taking time to laugh with ourselves, not at us or at individuals! We do not tolerate racist, sexist, abusive behaviour, sexual or gender discrimination in our community or any other hateful aggression and we do our best to point out experiences of that on our podcast and talk about how to deal with it. 

Shut the WOOF up is independent – we are not hosted or supported by a pup event or pup website. Keep us neutral and open minded ‘n all that stuff.

Please note: The show may contain strong language and references to the more adult side of puppy play and is therefore aimed at those aged 18 years or overse

Our podcasts can be found by searching in any of the usual Podcast applications on your computer or phone. We can also be found on Spotify, Itunes and google podcasts or simply by clicking the podcast links here on the website you can listen via the website, or download the podcasts to your device for later listening.

We know that the best chats come from eclectic opinions – that’s why we want to hear from YOU. That’s right, random person staring at the screen! You.

We want a range of personalities and backgrounds on the show, from event runners to those just here for the tails. From male to female everything in between and more, all orientations and from anywhere in the world (through the power of Skype!). Even if you’re a pony, cat, pig, dom, handler or newbie, we welcome all!

If you want to be on the show, get in touch. Note: Shows are filmed in London or Manchester. You should read our MO before this though (it’s just below).

If you want us to shout out your event or a friend’s birthday or an anniversary or anything else that’s nice you can get in touch via the link above.

NOTE: We are not affiliated with any guests directly and their opinions are strictly their own. We’re not here to kiss ass and be friends with everyone, we’re just here to have a laugh and promote different opinions, so please don’t think we endorse all the opinions of those we bring on as guests. We just believe the best conversations come from different opinions – even if we don’t agree with them

Great! Go here and tell us what you think we should be talking about. If we select your topic, we’ll give you a shout out!

To stay as independent as possible, we do not form official partnerships or allow us to be hosted by anyone else (what’s that, you’re offering one million pounds? Well, there goes our integrity).

However, we do rely on the kindness of others to donate prizes and spread the word. We will shout out and mention whoever helps us in this way. So for example, if you’re looking to get the word out on a new product you’re selling, we can review it and/or donate it as a prize. We will mention your website and any promotional codes you want to pass on – to give you the maximum thanks we can on air.

Please note however, to remain neutral, we will review your products respectfully – but truthfully!

Sounds good? Get in touch

It turns out the microphones and software needed to run this thing are actually kinda expensive. Who would have thought? If you have spare microphones and cables or stands and music/radio experience get in touch! Because we don’t have that experience. Or the kit.

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Think the show was rubbish? Have some thoughts on how we can improve?


You can get in touch via the contact page with what you want to say: or if you have telegram seek us out on that!

Oh – and we welcome compliments too… it helps us to know what we’re doing right