Season 4 – Episode 9 (Christmas Special)


We said we would end the season with episode 8, but after the crazy year we have all had, we thought it would be a special Christmas treat for Volka & Jabbins to give you a festive extra special podcast treat.

Call it our gift you. Not only do we have awesome prize giveaways, but expect a drunken Volka, a tipsy Jabbins, plenty of slurring, a lot of talking nonsense, silly Christmas games and an (literally speaking) absolutely smashing time. It is a bumper packed, extended-length edition of the podcast, so pour your favourite drink, turn up the volume and enjoy something little bit different from us (we had to edit A LOT out of the recording!).

Thank you all for listening this year. It means so much to have your continued support.

All of us at STWU wish all of the listeners, Patreon supporters, followers, contributors, subscribers and anyone that interacts with us a very happy new year. Let’s hope it is much better than 2020!

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